Contest Rules


1. All contest winners must be 18 years or older, while all winners of Las Vegas trips must be 21 years or older.
2. All prizes won on FM97 Radio must be redeemed in-person by the winner or a representative during normal station hours.  Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, excluding all holidays.
3.  All prizes won on FM97 Radio must be picked-up within 30 calendar days after being won.  Once the 30 day period has lapsed, prizes will be returned to the FM97 Prize Chest.
4.  Listeners are eligible to win a Daily Contest Prize just once (1 time) every 60 calendar days.  For example, if a listener wins a prize on January 1st, he will again be eligible to win again on or after March 2nd.  These eligibility rules relate to station contests including: “On This Very Day”, “The Afternoon Music Challenge”, etc.
5. If a promotional prize or grand prize is won, the listener is ineligible to play again in another station sponsored contest for 90 calendar days.  Prizes won in contests such as “FM97’s Super Party”, “Who’s Haunting The FM97 Studios Halloween Contest”, “Cupid’s Arrow of Love Valentines Contest”, “FM97’s Father’s Day Fishing Tournament Contest”, etc. 6. All consolation prizes are limited to 2 (two) per household per contest.
7. Tickets to concerts, entertainment shows, food shows, charitable functions, etc. may not be won more often than quarterly or every 90 calendar days.
8. FM97 will honor just one winner per household per contest.
9. There will be no exceptions to the above policies.   (Households are determined as all individual living in the same residence or address.  Rules and policies may be subject to change without notice.)